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Identifier for human and machine


yarn add @sudoo/readable-identifier
# Or
npm install @sudoo/readable-identifier --save


You will need to install or create a word set before use this package.

For example:

yarn add @sudoo/words-english
# Or
npm install @sudoo/words-english --save

Generate readable pair/tuple for your uuid or other identifier

import { ReadableIdentifierGenerator } from "@sudoo/readable-identifier";
import { englishWords } from "@sudoo/words-english";

const identifier: string = "Your Awesome Identifier";

// Default
const generator = ReadableIdentifierGenerator.from(englishWords);
generator.generatePair(identifier); // worthless-lamb
generator.generateTuple(identifier); // oceanic-consist-france

// Override Connector
const generator = ReadableIdentifierGenerator.from(englishWords, {
    join: ' ',
generator.generatePair(identifier); // worthless lamb
generator.generateTuple(identifier); // oceanic consist france

// Use Capital
const generator = ReadableIdentifierGenerator.from(englishWords, {
    capital: true,
generator.generatePair(identifier); // Worthless-Lamb
generator.generateTuple(identifier); // Oceanic-Consist-France